Government Internet Services

e-Government Agency, provides internet service to other institutions of the Revolutionary government of Zanzibar. This service is available to government institutions that are already connected to the communication infrastructure network. Any government institutions has the right to use this service immediately after contacting our Agency, and to complete the purchase of the required equipment that will be used to receive the service. e-Government Agency continues to strengthen this service, to make it better and more accessible and reliable.

The e-government agency in collaboration with the ministry of communications, continues to connect government institutions, Unguja and Pemba so that they can benefit from this service. So far more than 100 institutions have been connected and use this service for daily work. Any institution that requires access to this service, is advised to contact the e-Government Agency, using the contacts provided in this website. For preliminary steps, the relevant institution is required to have an internal communication system, i.e. LAN to make it easier for any subsequent steps so that they can access this service.