Transformation of Government services delivery system using Information and Communication Technology (ICT) for efficiency, transparency & convenience towards the citizens and traders.


  • To have better service delivery standards,
  • Bring information and services towards citizens,
  • Increase service delivery efficiency,
  • Increasing transparency and accountability,
  • Involve citizens in decision making as well as
  • Control fraud and corruption
  1. Professional Advice and Technical Support Services
  2. Government Emails
  3. Systems and Website hosting Services
  4. Government Internet Services
  5. Development of shared Systems

Zanzibar ICT Infrastructure Agency is an institution that manages Zanzibar National Fiber backbone and Data Centre.

e-Government Agency is an institution that manages government ICT Services including providing guidelines, policies and regulations, system development, project management, procurement of equipment, internet services as well as providing technical advice on the use of ICT

Government e-mail is a special e-mail created using specific Government address to support daily professional communication for Public Servants.

To get Government e-mail, an Employee must write a letter to the e-Government Agency requesting an e-mail and further steps will take place.

The system documentations present in this website will be used depending on the situation.

  1. To start a new system, download the Project Concepts Note.
  2. For an ongoing system, download Project Progress Report.
  3. For a completed system, download the Project Final Report.
  4. When submitting system requirements to a Consultant or Contractor, download the Terms of Reference.

All documents must be filled in accordance with the information provided in it, signed by the relevant institution and submitted to the e-Government Agency for approval. To obtain these documents click on this address Home/Archive.