Who we are?

The e-Government Agency is a public institution established through the Act, No. 12 of 2019 responsible for coordinating, overseeing and promoting e-government initiatives as well as enforce e-Government related policies, laws, Regulations, Standards and Guidelines for Public Institutions.


Be a center of expertise and innovation that facilitates access to ICT services in government


  • To provide quality public services and promote good governance through secure and reliable Information and Communication Technology.


  • To coordinate automation of e-Government administration processes and the provision of Government services through the utilisation of ICT
  • To ensure that shared ICT systems are installed, secured and maintained in adherence to a common set of policies and standards leading to better information sharing, cost optimisation and streamlining of government operations;
  • To ensure accessibility of the government services countrywide in an affordable, effective and efficient manner through the appropriate use of ICT
  • To promote the use of ICT in the public services; and
  • To be a center of expertise in the preparation and promotion of policies, standards and other practices to improve ICT usage in Zanzibar public service.