Organization Structure

e-Government Agency is a Public Institution established by Act No. 12 of 2019 which is responsible for coordinating, supervising and promoting e-Government efforts as well as promoting the implementation of e-Government Policies, Laws, Regulations, Standards and Guidelines for Public Institutions.

e-Government Agency has the following Organisation structure,

  • Advisory Board of e-Government Agency
  • Managing Director of the Agency
  • Departments, Division and Units

Advisory Board of e-Government Agency

The Board is governed by chairperson appointed by the President and members appointed by the Minister in accordance with the qualifications specified in the e-Government Agency Act.

Managing Director of the Agency

The Managing Director who is Chief Managing Officer of the Agency and is responsible for overseeing the performance of day-to-day operations and governance of the Agency.

Departments, Division and Units

The e-Government Agency have five (5) Departments governed by Directors who report directly to the Managing director of the Agency. The departments are as follows:

Department of Human Resources, Administration and Planning

The aim of this department is to provide operational services, administrative, human resources and day-to-day agency plans, as well as to maintain, update and store records

Department of ICT service Management

The Department is responsible for providing expertise and advice in the provision of e-government services, conducting research, capacity building and promoting innovation on e-Government programs. Coordinate and monitor the implementation of policies, laws, regulations, standards, guidelines and ICT projects in Public Institutions.

Department of System Analysis and Development

The Department is responsible for system analysis, development and integration which are secure and low cost for public interest.

Department of ICT Infrastructure Management

The Department is responsible for overseeing ICT infrastructure, management and operation of Agency systems and integrated systems for the provision of Government e-services, ensuring the security of ICT systems and equipment in Public Institutions

Head Office Pemba

The Department will be responsible for coordinating and overseeing all e-Government activities in Pemba as well as coordinating the implementation of the Agency's operational responsibilities. In carrying out its responsibilities the e-Government Agency is governed by Coordinating Officer appointed by the Managing Director.